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❶Thank you Fraiser so very much! I had to change the dates of my ticket and at some point, I had to deal by phone with an Airfare.

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To find out more, you are welcome to view this page. The custom essay writing services we render can definitely help you whenever any problems with academic writing appear. Thank you so much to the Customer Service. I had to make changes for my return flight and the agent that assisted me was very helpful. He fully explained the fees and gave me opportunities for payment methods. I think his name is Cole. Thank you very much for being so patient and helpful. The person always was respectful and professional during he was jod he really helped and I recommend people like him ,thanks again for your help.

To make some amendments to previous booking I contacted it was to my satisfaction the matter was resolved. I was SO impressed with Jenny and the quality of customer service I received. You just earned yourself a customer for life! This was a very difficult rebooking and your agent went above and beyond to get us an appropriate booking. Flora the customer sales agent was very patient with me and she answer all my inquiries with all the options that she had given for me.

I'm very impressed with Nader. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. He's also very thorough and patient in explaining the policies. I can't thank you enough and I will recommend CheapOair to my family and friends. Forwarding gratification on behalf of Alex Soloman for his incredible awesome customer service and excellent communication.

I feel Alex is a huge asset for CheapOair. He is very knowledgeable, fast, and cares about the customer. Thank you Alex for being a rock star. Amilio was absolutely great and professional He is an Asset to your organization. She was extremely helpful, nice and very professional with the customer service. Oh yes for me she's very good agents and satisfied the service with her I will recommend my family to by a tiket with you guys.

I am happy to know that there are some people out there that are nice, Eden I. Agent was professional and attended to my request with all the information i asked Vera is a great example of exemplary customer service and I recommend her for agent of the month and year! I believe the company should recognize employees like ms Vera.

Lauren spent alot of time helping me change my reservation. She was extremely patient and pleasant despite my many requests to check many different dates. She is truly an asset to your company and should be highly commended for the job she does!! The gentleman that helped me went above and beyond to solve my issue in a desperate time for me. He was truly amazing! Your agent was absolutely helpful and understanding of any communication problems. What you need to re-examine is the charges for shortening a journey; they are really exorbitant.

The agent I spoke with was very professional, extremely helpful and knowlegeable, and a pleasure to work with. The agent that helped me reserve the seats was extremely friendly and patient. He went above and beyond. My service rep was excellent. She was thorough, cogent, and answered questions fully.

She is the best service that I have encountered. Thank you stellar customer service. Problem not resolved but agent tried her best and said that she will resolve and let me know , very helpful agent thank you. Your staff member Eden should get a big bonus.

Eden was exceptional in every way. Thanks so very much for everything you did for me. Julianne was very kind, friendly and professional, and because of her positive, respectful attitude, I would definitely use this service again! We're very happy for the outcome. I have used CheapOair few times and I am always satisfied with the amount of service.

Very nice people to speak with bad their English is always very well. Ken gave excellent service. He was so patient with all my questions.

And he was very thorough and excellent in checking to be sure the bookings were accurate. We thank him for his excellent service. He was patient, kind, thorough, and gave the best customer service. My Travel Specialist was a great listener and was able able to assist me in a promptly matter, offering me an awesome service!!! The agent solved all the problem I have had very professional!

I am very satisfied with his work! Persistent but it was good as we were very hesitant to book our flight. Super helpful and great service. The person with whom I spoke was amazing and he helped me out with in no time.. CheapOair Customer Reviews Let us know how we're doing: I am very satisfied with your service and have very professional staff The agent was extremely knowledgable and helpful. I am extremely pleased with this company.

The customer service agent was very polite. And very patient Very please with his service. Thank you Your agent, Ashlyn was wonderful! The person that helped me did a great job. The young lady, Kieran took care of all my questions in a professional manner. Thank you There was a problem with my Credit Card and the agent was VERY effective in solving my problem This is my first time ever booking a flight and all agents were patient and considerate in assisting me and explaining procedures My agent really was a nice guy and extremely accommodating.

Robert at Customer Service was very pleasant and immediately helped me. My agent was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely use your services again The agent working with me was extremely helpful and patient.

The agent was very polite and helpful. I appreciate his customer service. Thank you again Cameron was extremely professional, courteous, alert to our every need, and should be considered one of your prime assets. Thank you so much The agent was very professional and personable, and accurate. The person who booked ticket for me was very helpful.

Thank you again The agent was very professional and personable, and accurate. Very helpful and very professional customer service. Your agents were extremely patient, helpful and knowledgeable Representative Nathaniel was so patient and professional while obtaining a good rate for my trip. The person who I was talking on the phone was really helpful and doing a great job.

Great service and very nice awesome lady answering my questions, thank you very much I was concerned about not being able to reschedule my return flight to my desired date, and your agent Benedict was excellent in assisting me with my flights.

The representative that i spoke with was very professional and knowledgeable. The young man was very good and very patient and made it easy for us to make reservations thank you very much Cameron was extremely professional, courteous, alert to our every need, and should be considered one of your prime assets.

I really appreciate this as travelling with family can be expensive The representative served me with sincere and utmost concern for my pressing need and got me better deal than I expected.

Florence Mailu My travel agent was Shemar and he was so helpful in finding and booking our flight. Love the level of service CheapOair provide its customers! She spoke very well english and was very helpful. I really appreciate this as travelling with family can be expensive Edwards was amazing - efficient, clear in explaining procedures, professional.

Rebecca, the rep that help me, was very patient and very helpful with all my questions and concerns Mr Knox spoke very good english was very helpful and efficient.

Second time I called both times exceeded my expectations!!! Very polite and helpful. I wish all purchases were this nice. Thank you The agent was patient , I will recommend you to any one. Eldon was very nice and accomodating and willing to help me Your Agent was excellent Todd was very nice, and tried to help me a lot!

The customer service people said it is not possible to refund the ticket not even hold the ticket. Generally every airline hold the ticket for 1 year but this airline does not provide that facility. I would absolutely not prefer this airline ever again. I called three days prior to my trip which was meant to be from Dec 6 , and cancelled because I was sick. I rebooked the flight over the phone on DEC 3!! When I went to check exact date info I was not able to find my new booking.

I called up Airfare. They admitted sending a new proposal to the wrong email address so I never received it. I called up many many times trying to fix this. They kept sending emails to wrong email address. I kept being put through someone else who had no idea what was going on. I explained my story 15 times and they said they understood but did not rectify. They said to call Virgin Australia which I did and they washed their hands of it as well. I was passed like a bouncing ball between booking agent and Virgin Australia with none taking any kind of responsibility.

I will never use this airline again. They have so many complaints on Consumer Affairs I think they should be investigated. So, I too booked my flights through airfare. I booked them using my fiance's credit card.

After I booked, I received a call from a man with a heavy accent, asking if I knew the person whose name was on the card since the name on the ticket was different. This confused me a little, so I did some googling. I too read all the horrible reviews and of course got extremely worried. Within 24 hours, we both received our confirmation emails with our ticket numbers.

I remained worried just because of some of the reviews I had read. The day before our flight, I received an email from Kayak saying I could check in online.

So I did, and printed our boarding passes. They were legitimate and we flew with zero problems. Most of the reviews I read were people who tried to change or cancel their booking. We didn't need to do that, and we had no problems, thank God!

This is a long and involved story but suffice to say, Airfare. I booked a flight from New Orleans to Australia about 18 months ago and found I was unable to fly about 2 weeks before my flight was due to depart. After lengthy negotiations with Airfare. While this was prohibitively expensive, since the original flight was also pricey several thousand dollars , it seemed worthwhile.

Cut to a few weeks ago, when I found out through my lawyer that I would be unable to fly due to my current visa status. Essentially, leaving the United States at this time could result in me being disallowed to re-enter the country, so in her own words "it's not worth the risk".

I try to do the right thing and contact Airfare. More than anything, I was trying to do right by this company and the airline. It's a pain when passengers no-show. So I call the number of the Airfare. I don't know if the call dropped it was still connected? But either way, by the fourth time I called, I was pretty annoyed. I tried to explain the situation to the customer service rep who seemed more interested in talking over the top of me.

He told me in no uncertain terms that I could NOT get any credit back on the flight and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, he initially refused. It wasn't until I told him very calmly and firmly that I knew I was entitled to speak to a supervisor that he finally put me on hold and transferred me.

By the time the supervisor got on the line, I had decided that there was no reason for me to speak to another rude, helpful person in a call center on the other side of the world. Previous reviewers are right, it's near impossible to speak to a fluent English speaker who works for this company.

When I asked the supervisor if I could be transferred to someone in an office in the United States, she simply said "No". Finally, she told me to just email. At this point, I was so annoyed that I agreed. And they seemed more interested in reciting a script than listening to what I was actually asking them. I didn't get around to finding out how much the fee was because at this point, I firmly emailed them back and told them "Haha, no way.

I'll just no-show if that's the case. Finally, I called Delta and Virgin to find out if I could do anything on their end. In the words of the Delta rep, "your third party hasn't paid us for the flights yet".

Even though I booked over 18 months ago. This company says they are based in Washington, they are not. They are based in India. It's impossible to speak with someone who is fluent in English. They will give you the runaround and charge you excess fees whenever they can. And it seems like even if I had turned up to the airport and tried to board my flight on the 30th, there's a good chance the airline would have had no record of me as a passenger!

I wish Kayak would stop using them as a suggested third party. We purchased air travel tickets from airfare. Twenty-Four Hours before our trip, we tried to check-in on Sunday, September 13, to select our seats. We were having trouble online, so we called American Airlines who was administering the flight. When we spoke with the AA Rep she told us that we were unable to due so being that we were on an international flight, and that we would have to check-in in person the next day.

During this inquiry with American Airlines to find our tickets and flight information, we ended up missing our flight. American Airlines said we could not board another flight to Chicago to catch up to our first stop from Chicago to Rome because domestic travelers have priority over international travelers and the flights were already full.

Then, American Airlines instructed us to contact British Airways for further assistance since the tickets information was with their company and American Airlines was only facilitating the flight.

After a lengthy wait on hold, British Airways informed us that they canceled the connecting flights because we missed the first flight to Chicago. They informed us the insurance we bought was not through them and that we must contact the insurance company we bought the tickets from originally for further assistance and for insurance information. We then contacted Allianz who was insurance company Airfare.

The Rep from Allianz, Jeff, told me very sternly to go home. He told me that I would have to file a claim via Allianz and hope to get some money back. I didn't understand why I wouldn't get all my money back and he just kept repeating to me to go home and to check my email and that I would have to file a claim. I asked him again and he said sorry and hung up on me. After our two hour drive home we filled out an insurance form with Allianz and waited longer than the prescribed 10 days more like 45 days.

They denied our claim on the basis that, the plane has left so the tickets have no further worth. We attempted to contact them 4 more times, but they were not answering their phones. No automatic voicemail or auto-directory. Simply just letting it ring. We noticed that this situation was not the first time someone had this problem with this company after reading various reviews online and we then proceeded to complain to American Express. Each time, they were given a different reason why they could not give us a refund while included contradicting answers.

The first answer was that we in fact were on the plane and used our 'e-tickets'. Once we documented that we never left the state of California, let alone the country, they then changed their answer to say that we never even showed up to the airport. The third time we re-opened our claim with AMEX we're told that it is not in their policy to refund because our reason is not a qualifying issue.

It seems to us, that if we are telling the same story over and over again and they are changing theirs each time to fit their needs a bit better each time, someone is being dishonest. My spouse and I are disappointed that we missed a once in a life time opportunity to spend two weeks in Italy on our Honeymoon and treat ourselves for all of our hard work and sacrifice. I lost time 3 weeks from work that could not be reversed. My spouse and I lost the money that we spent on hotel deposits, non-refundable museum tour fees, a non-refundable and expensive time share gift from our parents and then the obvious; our very expensive airfare that caused all the problems.

We want this company to be held responsible for taking money from us and not giving anything to us in return and Kayak needs to stop doing business with this awful company!!! This has been an awful experience. Normally I don't write reviews, but in this case could not help myself. Worst possible site ever! Kayak directed me to this site. I purchased my ticket but wanted to change it. Customer service people are super rude, speak broken English and basically no one knows what's going on in this site.

I hate this site and am never booking through this again. I booked a flight last September and was unable to take the trip. So, double what I originally paid. I chalked it up to the fact that maybe it was because I was trying to move it to dates that were too soon. At all times when dealing with them, you can't get anyone to help you on the phone. They hang up on you. They insist you go through a website which gives you totally unrealistic prices.

It's all a scam. I had a year to use the ticket. I tried again today. As we all can see from their terrible rating on ConsumerAffairs, we have all been taken. I did find out that if I would have gone to Chase within 60 days of purchasing the ticket, their fraud department would have tried to help. That may help one of you, if you have purchased it on a Chase credit card. I've also reported them to the BBB. I don't expect to ever see the money again, just hope that by posting here, it will save someone else the hassle or maybe someone will step in and put a stop to this fraudulent company.

My daughter and her friend want to go to Belize so she and I went online to look for airfares. She was looking on Airfare.

We selected dates to and from but before we could get the price of the ticket we had to put my credit card information in. We did that and it said the information was wrong so we put the information in again and we finally saw the price of the ticket but it was too high so we hit cancel. It took a week for Avianca to research this before we even found out who had charged these tickets to my card. In that email it also stated that we actually booked 4 flights but they could tell that the second booking was a duplicate and only charged me for the first booking.

I think that had something to do with the website not processing my credit card properly the first time. We have done nothing wrong from our side as we don't have any of your info.

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The person with whom I spoke was amazing and he helped me out with in no time.. great experience at CheapOair. Laveena, Aug 19, this is our very first time to book thru this site. We're very happy for the outcome. we had a vivid conversation with the agent. Normally I don't write reviews, but in this case could not help myself. Worst possible site ever! Kayak directed me to this site. I purchased my ticket but wanted to change it. They quoted a price of $ for the change and $ for the fare difference/5().